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Investment Management

How Does Q1 Advisors Manage Your Money?

We are dedicated to managing your money using a disciplined, long-term investment strategy. As a matter of fact, you can learn a lot about how we manage money just by understanding our logo! The chart within the Q is a Risk/Reward graph with four distinct squares, or quadrants. Investments fall within one of these quadrants based on their performance over various time periods. We manage your portfolio with the long-term goal of staying within the low risk and high return quadrant.


Q1 Advisors is a Strategic Advisor.

Investment managers can be divided into two general categories: Tactical and Strategic. Tactical managers attempt to shift investments based on their forecasts of the future. Turnover is typically high as they trade investments more frequently. Strategic managers reject the tactical approach and follow a long-term strategy that changes gradually based on maintaining a defined asset allocation. Q1 Advisors, Inc. maintains a strategic investment allocation and remains invested regardless of short-term market conditions.

We believe most investors benefit from a combination of passive exchange traded funds and actively managed mutual funds. Passive strategies provide performance approximating a market index at a low relative cost. We use a disciplined process to select actively managed funds to provide our clients with the potential to outperform over the long-term.

Although many of our clients own individual stocks, we believe most investors benefit from a more diversified approach. When it comes to stocks, we prefer to invest in the market through mutual funds and exchange traded funds. We may also use balanced funds holding both equity and fixed income investments. We also may recommend individual bonds, certificates of deposit, or fixed annuities.

We understand the direct relationship between investment expenses and investment returns. Our competitive fee schedule and disciplined investment selection process reflect our focus to keep expenses low.